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Founded in 1995,Shenzhen Oriental Pharma focussed on the production of Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs) ,Now the main product is Phenylephrine Hcl (PE), Doxylamine succinate。

We have 14years production experience for Phenylephrine Hcl,granted the GMP for PE in 2004,re-certified in 2009. A DMF has been submitted to FDA in 2005 (DMF # 18799), this product passed the US FDA inspection in March 2014.

According to the customer’s needs, we can supply the APIs conforming to the current standard of USP, EP and CP .At the same time, we can supply various particle sizes product. Now the particle sizes of  50mesh, 100mesh, 200 mesh and 300meshare available

The design capacity for PE is 60 tons,along with the increase of market demand, we planned extension to double the capacity.

With high-quality products and attentive service, we have won the majority of customer recognition and praise.